Strategic Consultant to McCain on the Institutional Business

Key work areas for the client

MEU Mapping: Reviewed results of mapping exercise for the MEU to recommend changes and key players to be added as well as do introduction with key clients. Optimise Revenues: Defined new segment opportunities for McCain products based on size of segment, relevant menu structure, generated actionable insights to optimize revenue. CDR and Cafe Segment Penetration: Defined strategies to increase penetration in Casual Dining and Café Segments and created menu insights based on McCain product range including product innovation with R&D team.

Chef Engagement and Influencers: Suggested effective ways to engage with Chef’s for building relationships Conferences and Events: Recommended key industry events at which McCain should have an active engagement including exhibiting, being part of panel discussions and sharing relevant global insights

Final results and outcome

Connected the Marketing team at McCain to relevant companies that host food shows. McCain India participated in The Fast Food and Cafe Convention in Bangalore, found it very beneficial for the brand. Designed engagement models with the HORECA industry, in order to increase interaction for the brand with chefs and key decision makers.

Worked with R&D team to produce specific menu innovation based on cuisines, in order to target new segments for business. Did key client introductions across various segments of the F&B and Hotel Industries.

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