Operational Optimization

  • Sales Growth Initiatives
  • Supply Chain & Cost Optimization
  • Delivery Solutions
  • Operational Quality Monitoring Processes
  • Technology Integration in Kitchen/Service/Supply Chain
  • Creating SOPs and other Process Manuals
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy Development
Current/Past Clients

Franchisee Strategy Design and Development

  • Designing new Franchising Strategy
  • Optimizing Existing Franchisee Model
  • Identification and Acquisition of Franchisees
  • Implementing Roll-out Plans
  • Identifying Target Cities and Trade Areas
  • Evaluation of Potential Partners
  • Inputs on Franchising Terms & Conditions and Fees
  • Creating Franchisee Manuals
Current/Past Clients

Consultancy for Institutional Catering

  • Menu Design, Food Plans & Pricing
  • Market Research and Feasibility Studies for caterers
  • Kitchen Design & Equipment Assessment/Procurement
  • Briefing documents & Short listing of Vendors
  • Operational Optimization
  • Refurbishing the Food Service Facilities
  • Facility Operator Proposal Design and Identification
  • Operating Quality Monitoring Processes
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